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self-portrait masquerade

I am a chameleon. as yet I have no name, and probably forever.

I often masquerade(or not) as your destined one.

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed that god and I only know; “it is an undoubted masquerade”.
However, I have already gotten bored with it.

Meanwhile, there are so many convenient aspects of masquerading.

I have nobody who orders me around or scolds me because of my position as a whole decision maker and manage myself and even a company of mine.

I  have 3 different personas who censor myself for how I behave; pessimistic, positive, and observing-only ones.

When I face problems requiring careful consideration, I try to position the right place using all the 3 different personas.

The 3 start discussing for the best landing spot. Each needs to oppress its assertion from the particular perspectives for the fair and right spot.

The conclusion I have come to is trustworthy; I will choose again and again the same conclusion every time I fave the same problem.

In order to succeed in this, I need to be fair and square without bias and prejudice even if the best landing spot requires a person completely apart from me.

Therefore, I need no particular name, now and forever.